Friday, 22 July 2011

We’re moving!

It’s Friday afternoon and we should have been celebrating completing our first week with the new phone system and in our new Clearing teams.  Instead we have been working with the old system, sharing computers, doing everything one handed with no headsets and having to go to another computer to resubmit details for printing out forms.
...but you know?  It’s been fine.  Everyone has helped each other out and there has been very little grumbling.  The decision was made on Wednesday that we had to pack up and move to the Greenwich site so each day there is less and less equipment around as the full time staff set up ready for us to re-start on Monday. 
I am in Uzma’s team which of course will be the best! We have to personalise it appropriately which will be such fun.  I had to bid a fond farewell to Rhoda, my absolute favourite lady in the Dome cafeteria.  Since we moved to the Mansion site on Monday I have spent each lunchtime walking back to the Southwood site to have dinner because the food is so much better there and Rhoda is so lovely and smiley.  I first met her properly when we worked together on my first Open Day.  We had to sort out all the refreshments for the day and we had a really good system going.  Ever since then she has been so lovely and friendly every time I visit.
The other reason to go back to Southwood is for the coffee in the Student Union.  I am a complete coffee snob and cannot stand instant coffee or over roasted beans.  The best coffee on campus is from the Student Union shop and you get your sixth cup free – an extra bonus.
But there is lots to look forward to at the Maritime Campus – wonderful buildings, the river, Greenwich town, riding my bicycle and the lovely man in the cafe there!  I do seem to cultivate friendships with staff concerned with food supplies!
So I am looking forward to the weekend when my daughter Kate is coming up with Martin her boyfriend.  He is a carpenter and has promised to help put in my new stained glass window which has been lying on my lounge-room floor for the past three weeks as I am too terrified to try and put it in by myself.  So hopefully I will have pics for you of it all done next week so watch this space!

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