Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Adventures in Clearing and Valerie Vespa disappears

We have now moved over to our new clearing home for the next seven weeks.  Everyone was nervous on Friday knowing that we were at a new sit in our new teams and having to begin using our new phone system.
On Sunday I had a lovely afternoon with my sister –out –law (we are exes of brothers!) doing the  Sydenham  Arts trail.  Lots of local artists open their houses to exhibit their work and you can just pop in, look around , talk to the artists and buy incredible quality work.  Some places offer cups of tea, others a glass of wine while others charge for tea and cakes to raise money for charity.  Of course we had to drop in to our stained glass teacher Pippa’s house or she would have been thoroughly cross with us!  There is so much work I would have loved to have bought but I retrained myself to two pieces of Pippa’s painted glass work – I am a poor student after all!
After being visually maxed out with all that wonderful art work I spent the evening watching the film Australia with him-at-home. My sister had warned me that it was a pretty dodgy movie but worth watching for the wonderful scenery. It had been filmed in the far north of Australia where quite near to where she had worked with an Aboriginal Art Centre.  It was also interesting for some of the history.  My father had been stationed in Darwin in the 2nd World War and the film featured scenes from this time.  Overall I agreed with most of the critics who  found it quite a disappointing film,  turgid in parts, and quite unbelievable in others. 
I had planned for that to be my relaxing evening before the full on busyness of this week in Clearing. We tucked ourselves up in bed and had just drifted off to sleep when we were woken by a noise in the street.  We went to the window only to find my beloved little scooter, Valerie Vespa, being  ridden off down the street.  She had been stolen! As you can imagine I was not a happy possum.  After reporting the theft to the police I could not settle back off to sleep until 3am so I arrived at work having had to be driven in, very droopy and still very upset.  During last year’s Clearing my bicycle was stolen, this year it is my scooter so I hope it doesn’t mean the car will go next year!
Everyone was very sympathetic and we all logged in ready to tackle the new phone system ....but it didn’t work!  Everything had to be re-jigged back so we could use the old system and we could not sit in our new teams.  We are still waiting for it to get sorted and it feels quite an anti climax after being so geared up for the change.
Today in between taking calls we have been decorating our folders and magazine racks.  Raz brought in her coloured pencils and felt tips while I provided the glitter, sequins and glue.  Our corner now looks quite lovely but the boys refuse to join in apart from Sharat graciously condescending to allow us to decorate his pen top with red glitter – he is very scared he may be attacked by a frenzy of pink which happened last year when all the girls in his tem decided to brighten up his bay! 

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