Monday, 4 July 2011

The Banners are up!!

Street view
Chloe and I are so delighted to see our banners up, brightening the centre of our little community in Hither Green.
It was such fun working on them and we have met lots more people in our community as a result of this project.  I am so fortunate to be working with Chloe who is such a brilliantly talented designer.  Our working styles are very complementary.  She has over twenty years experience as a community artist after completing a BA and MA in art.  I was taught to sew by my mother, grandmother and older sister and made most of my clothes when younger.  Chloe is the main designer while I take charge of the technical things such as measuring, fabrication and machining.  We are so different but learn so much from each other – a wonderful partnership.
Throughout my masters I have continued working doing fabric projects, and working on my stained glass.  I think it is really important to balance the heftiness of academic pursuits with hands on practical activities.  My brain gets a rest from all those big words while working with the wonderful colours and textures of all that gorgeous fabric is an absolute delight. 

Busy bee


Butterflies and flowers

Cat amongst the flowers


Dragonfly and Sunflowers

Fox behind Tree

All week we have had comments from people enjoying the banners especially those who attended the workshop and have spotted their artwork on them!  However now I have to come back down to earth.  I am back from my time off and started back in the Enquiry Unit today.  It was with a vengeance as we are now in Clearing so I had to start off with a training session to learn lots of new things.  The phone rang all day and I hardly had time to catch up with all the gossip I’ve missed for almost three weeks.
….meanwhile until my next blog – enjoy the display!!

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