Friday, 4 March 2011

Practising my Counselling in the Enquiry Unit !

Well daffoldils, it’s all right again to come out now– the sunshine is glorious today!  I can’t believe how much more cheerful I feel! I am working an extra day in the enquiry unit and the sun is streaming in the window.  It’s strange working on a Friday instead of a Monday as, being such a creature of habit, I am used to working with the Monday team and sitting in my Monday seat so although I felt rather discombobulated at first it has been lovely getting to meet new team members.  I am sitting next to Saziye today who is also writing her blog in between taking calls. She’s doing a BA in Media and Communications so we’ve had a very interesting discussion about the essay she’s writing on protest – does it work and if not why not?
Meanwhile I’ve been trying to think about my clinical concepts essay and not getting very far.  Saziye’s one seems far more interesting!     The calls are coming in thick and fast.  One caller was determined to share her life story with full graphic details of her entire medical history, another was begging us to change our minds about refusing her admission on a nursing course despite her failing her English and maths assessment.  I spoke to a woman wondering whether to move accept her place in a northern university to commence in September 2011 or  move down to London to start here in 2012 where she could have more family support for her young child.  Another young man has been accepted on a course but didn’t realise her would be based in Medway in Kent although all the literature states on which campus the programmes are based. My last caller insisted on being put through to speak to someone who wasn’t here and was having all calls transferred to us.  When I explained this she insisted that I was refusing to put her through and hung up. 
I think working in the enquiry unit is good practice for the practical aspects of my course in therapeutic counselling. One requires bucket loads of patience and diplomacy while keeping a sense of humour!

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