Friday, 11 March 2011

The Joys of Spring!

Our first daffodil
Hurrah!!!  Spring is coming!  I am sooooo excited.  Our first daffodil is open and the hellebore is in full flower.  The sun is shining – for now – and I am about to hop on my bicycle and ride over to Blackheath for a birthday lunch with my friend - only three weeks late but isn’t it such fun having extended birthday celebrations!


Before that though I have to finish writing to you and do some more work on the dreaded essay with its deadline hovering over me like a gigantic vulture.  I must learn to embrace it as a joyful activity.  I could try sitting cross legged, eyes shut and  arms outstretched with fingertips together and humming few omms ….or not!!  A nice chocolate stout from Meantime’s brewery sounds more like it!

The academic year is rushing by.  I’ve now completed 60 of the required 80 client hours so I can relax a bit about that. I only need 20 more by June 1st.  We have to also complete 40 hours of personal counselling by the end of our second year.  I was really resistant to doing those because it seemed so weird to go to counselling because it is a requirement of the course, not because I wanted to sort something out.  Usually people go to a counsellor because there is something that is bothering them and they need support of some sort which I have done on a few occasions in the past.  I found it invaluable.  When I started my ‘compulsory’ sessions I started by telling the counsellor how weird it seemed and that I didn’t know what to do or say because I was only there because I had to be.  Poor woman – she has continued to put up with me in all my stroppiness! We are now at almost 30 sessions.  It has been helpful to talk about my experiences on the course, with my clients and with my placement and she has helped me put a different perspective on various things.

We finally know what is happening about work over the summer with the university and I have received an invitation to apply for full-time work for seven weeks. Him at home is being made redundant in May due to council cuts so the full-time work will be very welcome.  I really enjoyed working last summer, getting to know students from all over the university of different ages, nationalities and interests.  I was quite surprised how much I enjoyed it as I am not really a natural team type person.  I have been self -employed for so many years and used to working with a very small group of people.  I suggested him at home might like to tie up his spotty bundle, attach it to his stick and go off adventuring while I slave away but he says plaintively “…but who will be there with your pipe and slippers though?”  What a little petal!

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