Friday, 5 October 2012

Oh the relief…

…of handing that last coursework in. 

I have been working full time all summer in clearing and I took last week off to complete my final course work – the dreaded 8000 word Professional Development Project.  I was so tired after those weeks of work and trying to study every weekend that I decided a weekend in the country was in order before the final onslaught.

My gorgeous daughter and boyfriend spoilt me rotten for two days as we snuggled up under the duvet watching the new Sherlock Holmes film. Dog walking through the magnificent Petworth Park in West Sussex was amazingly restorative despite having to avoid all those testosterone filled stags in the middle of rutting season.

 Deer in Petworth Park

Monday arrived and I buried myself in my office and, stuck on the computer searching for academic papers, surrounded by piles of books and old essays, him-at -home fed me cups of tea at regular intervals and allowed me out for meals if I worked hard enough.  I emerged blinking into the daylight and left the house for the first time on Wednesday afternoon when we took a break to see the Leonardo da Vinci drawings in the Queen’s Gallery near Buckingham Palace.  It was so mind boggling to see the actual originals of those stunning works that I had only viewed in books before.

Leonardo da Vinci’s study of the shoulder muscles

I also managed to attend my first stained glass class that evening although I was too brain-dead to do more than catch up everyone’s holiday news, look at their works in progress and leaf through books looking for inspiration for my next project.  The glass of wine with my sister in law afterwards ensured a good night’s sleep and then it was back to the coal face on Friday morning. I had been so hoping to complete the work ready to submit it by 4pm on Friday but it was not to be.  However because I had set that early deadline I was much further on than if I had worked towards the real one of 4pm Monday.  Saturday morning was more slogging and then we met friends for a trip to the Victoria and Albert Museum to see the Heatherwick studios exhibition. 

 Thomas Heatherwick’s traffic cones installation at the entrance to the V&A

This was the studio that created that amazing Olympic cauldron and the exhibition included a model and videos about its creation.  That was so awe inspiring that I was ready on Sunday morning for the final essay push. I managed the electronic submission by 5.30pm Sunday - a day ahead of schedule - and was about to sit down with a very welcome glass of bubbly when the phone rang to say my cousin was in hospital and needed a visit so I was very sorry to have to put  the bubbly on hold, as I also had to get up early to do my paper submission at 0830 the next morning.  I am working all month on the Greenwich Maritime site from 9-5pm, and I could only submit 8.30- 4pm on the Avery hill site where my school is based.  I had to get up early, rev up Priscilla Piaggio (my little scooter) rush over, drop it into the school and then get to Greenwich to start work at 9am.

…aah the relief as I handed it over and then dropped into the library to return my sixteen books I have had on loan for at least two months.

I have promised him-at –home that I will not be subjecting him to me and a doctorate.  Instead, we will be looking forward to that lovely bottle of bubbly on Friday evening (actually tonight) with all the delight that comes from delayed gratification – what bliss!

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