Friday, 19 October 2012

In the limbo land of awaiting results

Am I student or not?  It is a weird position to be in as I await the final verdict of my tutors.  Have I passed or haven’t I?  The marks of this last assignment will determine whether I will be awarded an MSc or a PG Dip and I still have a month of waiting to find out.

I am in a particularly strange position here on the campus as I am now working full time on my student contract  while the students I have worked with over the last three years have either graduated already or are continuing their studies in this new academic year and are working part time again.

My friend Nicola is graduating today with a BSc in Psychology and she has promised to come and show me her outfit.  I first met her when we arrived for our first day’s Clearing training three summers ago and we have been Enquiry Unit/Clearing  friends ever since.  She is now embarking on an MSc in Research in Psychology – a glutton for punishment in my view.  I hated all those lectures on statistics and quantitative research methods but she has taken to them like a duck to water.

I thought that I would have lots of time and energy now without any papers to write but I seem to be just as busy with full time work and catching up with my neglected friends.  My over worked brain craves easy reading (i.e. trashy novels) and easy viewing (non intellectual or D&M – deep and meaningful) and I am enjoying feeling completely no guilt whatsoever as I indulge.

It was fun going out at lunchtime last week to be thrown back to scenes from the 1800’s..  Filming was taking place for Belle featuring Tom Fenton (Draco from Harry Potter). 

The carriages looked magnificent and it was easy to feel transported back to that era.

But the modern day visitors in the background spoilt the illusion somewhat.

…Even 19th century chaps need a spot of lunch

…and to catch up on their texts.

The lighting rig was very impressive as it lit up one of the beautiful domes designed by Christopher Wren so long ago.

But if I really wanted to imagine myself back in that time I just shut my eyes to listen to the clip clop of the horses hooves and inhale that earthy countryside smell of their dung!

It is quite delightful to be on such a beautiful campus with interesting things happening around us again.  It all seemed so quiet after the Olympics ended.  The most exciting thing has been watching the infrastructure being disassembled – which is not very exciting at all.

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