Monday, 16 July 2012

Wimbledon, Fungus the Bogeyman and getting promoted

The tennis was brilliant!  I sat there glued to the screen watching the woman’s finals on Saturday and the Men’s on Sunday.  It is the first time I have watched the finals for many years but a combination of inclement weather, a deadline for my second project draft on Monday and having the house to myself for the weekend was an adequate excuse to be very indulgent.

Serena Williams

Murray and Federer
In between matches there were lots of opportunities to pop out for a cuppa,  make some lunch, have a loo break , check out how many frogs were sitting around the pond, fill in a few numbers on   the Soduko – anything but apply myself to my project work.  These opportunities included:
  • when the players needed time to have their fevered brows mopped  with towels provided by super-enthusiastic towel bearers
  • when it was time to change those shabby old racquets restrung that morning and in use for at least half an hour thus enabling  an increase in ball speed from 130mph to 131mph,
  • when players needed to gently stroll to the other end of the court for the next game
  • when the rain started so everything had to stop for the court to be covered and the roof closed
  • when players stopped for a refreshing drink from containers displaying the maker’s name– worth a fortune in advertising
  • when we needed time for good shots of the celebrities arranged around the court in all their finery. These included Kate and Pippa, David and Posh, Cliff Richard.

I may jest but really it was two days of fabulous tennis and I would have been on the edge of my seat the whole time if I hadn’t been lying prone on the sofa feeling exhausted watching all that rushing around on court.

So I arrived at work in the Enquiry Unit on Monday rather despondent about not doing as much work as I had wanted to and with a tutorial booked the following day with my supervisor who expected a reasonable second draft of my project to be delivered to her at lunchtime. 

…but first I had to get through the skills test and interview for a senior position in Clearing.  That was at 10am and I duly lined up with the others all looking like lambs going to the slaughter.  After a written test on general knowledge of the university and Clearing process we had a 10-15 minute interview followed by a phones test when we had to take three calls from disgruntled people complaining about various things.  I came out shaking sure that I had failed, while my mate Cherie looked as white as a sheet.  I did feel better when I discovered that everyone felt as grotty as I had. 

On Tuesday I had a brilliant tutorial.  Fearing that my tutor Val would tell me to chuck it and start again (I had already restarted twice), instead she had some wonderful suggestions, helped me get right on track and plan a good structure for it.  I am a very visual person and need to be able to ‘see’ an essay like piece of art and until I have that picture in my head, I feel like I flounder around.  Luckily it was pouring with rain all of Wednesday which meant I didn’t mind too much putting my nose to the grindstone and working all day.

Nose to the grindstone

However I am beginning to think I will turn into a Fungus the Bogeyman lookalike soon if it doesn’t stop raining.  I am beginning to check for webbing between the toes and green mossy growths in my armpits.  Rain stop!

Fungus the Bogeyman

Today I was called in for the verdict about my interview and I had been selected for a senior position so I am relieved and delighted.  I will be working with the reception team over on the Greenwich Maritime campus right in the middle of all the Olympics goings on - so interesting times.

…but before all that I have to spend the next three days writing
                                                                                                            writing …  no more excuses!

Murray and Federer:

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