Tuesday, 17 July 2012

If even Stephen Fry can get his head around twitter …

…then I should be able to manage my new role in the clearing team.  My head is exploding after having spent this morning with Jenny and Nicola attempting to master the intricacies of Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare and Livechat under instruction from our endlessly patient Enquiry Unit permanent staff.

If you are one of my much treasured regular readers you may recall my difficulties in even getting my head around writing this blog.  I had an interesting Skype with my son Jack a couple of weeks ago when he was trying to get me to understand that you don’t twitter a tweet or go around twittering like “wot one did in the olden days when one grew up in a cave and had to be protected from the sabre toothed tigers roaming around”.  Nowadays one tweets on Twitter.
Bam Bam
…so I sort of got it and then managed to find his twitter account only to discover this tweet :

Hilarity is trying to list the reasons why one doesn’t say: “I’m sending a twitter”, to my grammatically-sensitive mother 

Hmm – I did email him to enquire whether I should be amused or offended!

So we are now the reception staff for both the Greenwich Maritime and Avery Hill campuses with the lovely Tony as our supervisor (he makes a jolly good cup of tea,  answering all the drop in visitor queries and doing the social networking.  It is rather scary but I am looking forward to the challenge.


…so if you’d like to have a live chat, tweet us or facebook us
                                    ….please be gentle, I’m a newbie!

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Twitter cartoon: http://www.askingsmarterquestions.com/study-using-twitter-hashtags-as-part-of-your-social-strategy/

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