Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Hibernating Bear

Alice emerges into the normal world!
Hello again – It’s me!!  I feel like a little bear that has just emerged blinking in the sun after being confined in my  dark cave slogging away to get the last of my coursework in for the June 1st deadline.  I was stuck to that computer for at least 14 hours a day tapping away all through the glorious bank holiday to get my research proposal submitted in time. I finally got it in last Tuesday night.

The following day, Wednesday was our last college day which started with us all submitting our clinical files.  These contained our proof of clinical hours, placement reports, personal counselling hours and a few other bits and pieces.  I was so worried that I would forget to put some of the bits in that I checked everything at least twenty times re-reading the instructions over and over.

Him at home is very relieved that I have finished  - he had the job of Alice vending machine – keeping me fed and watered throughout all my drama.

We celebrated the last day at college by having a picnic with our tutors during our break.  Everyone brought food and we enjoyed the ‘pic’n’mix.  

So it is now a week since the final hand in and I am still absolutely exhausted. I am planning to catch up with all my terribly neglected friends and rellies but I’m not doing a very good job!
Hurray! Play time at last!

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