Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Fun in the Enquiry Unit

The calm, serene, public persona face
of the well trained EU staff!
I’m back working part time in the Enquiry Unit getting as much experience as possible before I go full time for Early Clearing which starts on 17th July.  Main clearing starts on 18th August when the A level results come out and the phones begin to ring off their hooks!

UCAS applications close on the 30th June and anything received after that date goes into clearing so we are getting lots of calls from desperate people wanting to get into courses for the September 2011 start.  Some callers are so desperate they want to get on just any course. I’ve done a quick straw poll around the office to find out some of our more memorable calls.  These include:

·      The budding actress wanting to know if our BA Acting degree would guarantee her work in Hollywood.

·      The sobbing young woman, devastated that she had forgotten to accept her ‘firm offer’ and so had been ‘declined’ by default.  She wanted us to tell her what to do now but, was crying so much, she could hardly speak.  She was gently advised to hang up, sit down and have a cup of tea and ring back when calmer.

·      The woman who was so impressed with the service from my colleague that she rang back requesting his number.  When he declined the offer, she offered to give him hers instead.  He politely declined!

·      The man who rang up to warn us he had seen Satan in the Medway library and would we please investigate the CCTV footage?

·      The woman who wanted to enquire about renting the 5 bedroom house advertised for £126 per month.  She was advised that this was Greenwich University, not a letting agency.
·      The wishful thinker - the woman who swore blind that she only needed one UCAS point to get on a course.

·      The man who wanted to post his online application form.

You are kidding: How we really
feel when some calls come in
·      The woman wanting to apply for an engineering degree with qualifications that included hot stone therapy, reflexology, hair and beauty and Swedish massage.

·      The woman who had been accepted on the nursing course but didn’t want to travel to far and requested free accommodation to stay overnight before her lecture day.

I’m sure there are many more interesting calls to be taken in the weeks ahead so – watch this space!

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