Thursday, 18 November 2010

A Very blowy week!

It’s been an odd week and I am feeling as blown around as the trees outside my window as I write.  Sometimes I feel that my life is very compartmentalised – at others I feel like my different worlds seem to tumble together  in quite an unsettling way.
Our second vehicle is a little 50cc scooter and with its tiny engine, and small wheels, I am very affected by road and weather conditions. Last Thursday morning I arrived at my counselling placement feeling really buffeted by wind, flying leaves and disgruntled car drivers.  I hope you, dear reader, are not one of those motorists who throw cigarette butts and other rubbish out of the car window straight in the face of some poor biker like me!
I try to arrive at my placement in time to strip off my leather jacket, padded trousers, and turn myself into a respectable looking professional.  Sorting out my ‘helmet hair’ is always difficult but after preparing the counselling room I sit quietly with a cup of tea, and the clients’ notes, refreshing my memory then preparing myself to listen as well as I can.  I have four clients booked but it is rare that all turn up.  Some report illness, conflicting schedules, childcare problems, or prearranged holidays.  The one’s that unsettle me the most are the ‘Did not Attends’ or DNA’s who just don’t turn up or stop their therapy with no warning or notification.  I had my first DNA last week.  Not knowing why leaves me with a sense of ‘untidiness’ and unfinished business.  Another client was stuck in traffic and 20 minutes late which meant we had a rushed shortened session leaving us both feeling dissatisfied. My other two clients arrived on time but both related unsettled weeks.  By the time I left, having completed my paperwork,  the wind had died down and I was able to ride back home in the lull before further gales set in that evening. I was looking forward to my stained glass class but I made a mess of my glass painting and felt like I hadn’t really achieved anything. I missed my after class drink with my Sister-Out- Law (we are ex’s of brothers)  because her dog was so poorly she couldn’t leave him.
The rest of the week was strange. My SOL made the decision to have her dog put down.  He had been her companion for twelve years and, being a dog person myself,  I understand how dreadfully she misses him. She is coping with her grief by submersing herself in a frenetic and totally uncharacteristic bout of house cleaning!  Another friend organising a dear friend’s funeral needed some support so I helped with the cooking and then joined her for the after- funeral meal.  It was strange being there with people grieving a person I did not know. We toasted his spirit, raising a glass to his portrait  - showing a kind, gentle man.
On Saturday my cousin celebrated her 80th birthday with a gathering of the clan for a meal. Our  present was the mobile phone she had requested.  We had great fun teaching her how to use it then all posed for a  group shot with our phones to our ears and our cousin sitting in the middle decorated with 6” badge declaring her to be ‘80 years young’!  I am so impressed that you can now buy a simple phone with no apps or camera, large text and very clear instructions.  She mastered it much more quickly than I had my IPOD!    Am I going backwards?  The more apps and complicated the  appliances get,  the simpler I want them.  I want my camera to take pictures, my phone to ring or text people, my computer to be a work tool not a games console.   I think it is old age!
On Tuesday I turned up for work in despatch looking like I’d just had a major dose of botox!   As  I was pulling the loft hatch down the night before,  it crashed down on my top lip and front teeth.  Alan my boss has already had to patch me up once after I tripped and fell really badly a couple of weeks ago while rushing back to work.  He thought bubble wrap might come in handy!  I told my son Jack that I looked like I’d just had botox.  He misheard me and began frantically reassuring me that I really didn’t want to get into all that stuff and I was just fine as I was! 
So after this strange blustery week full of quite disparate events, I have requested a quieter, calmer  next one  - but then again I have just checked my diary…

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