Tuesday, 30 November 2010

It's snowing!

Saturday was Open Day and we all arrived looking like Scott of the Antarctic ready to be allocated our setting up tasks. Mine was to do the signage with Navin and Micheal, which involved attempting to predict just how lost visitors could get finding their way round then pre-empting the possibility by strategic placement of signs and directional arrows.  On completion I took up my post fro the rest of the day with Team Reception and got buffeted by icy winds blowing in every time the doors opened. We looked after visitors, checking their registrations, directing them and handing out prospectuses (I still don’t know whether the plural is prospecti or not) and other information.  I was very impressed with the funny barcode thingy that you can scan with your smart phone to access these blogs and the uni twitter site.  I had to ask an especially tolerant visitor to do it for me so I could go ‘Wow!’  As you know, I have only just mastered my IPOD and my mobile was constructed in the Bronze Age!

Sunday was a day of buckling down to get really serious about my assignment due in on 15th December.  I am finding it really tough.  I gave up by 7pm and sat down to a yummy roast dinner cooked by he-who-knows-about -such-things.  He had also been shopping for all the ingredients for my Xmas cooking so I had a lovely evening preparing Christmas pudding, a Christmas cake and mincemeat for mince pies.  I found it a very therapeutic experience!

My friend came over yesterday for  help to make Christmas pressies for her children and family. While the Christmas puddings bubbled away merrily for 6 hours, the cake baked slowly for 4 and the mincemeat suffused in its yummy juices, we sat merrily occupied making froggie bean bags, mouse pin cushions and a half pinny all from old pattern books from the 1970s.  I find it very funny when people call that retro - I remember it from being there!

Froggie bean nags
Mr Mouse the pincushion

Now I have the onerous task of having to ‘feed the cake’ at regular intervals.  According to the fragrant Delia Smith every few days the cake needs to be unwrapped then poked all over with a darning needle.  Then I have to spoon teaspoons full of brandy over it and then rewrap it in two layers of wax proof paper and foil.
..a woman’s work is never done!

Today we woke to a magical scene of snowy loveliness.  I always get so excited when the snow comes (must be my Aussie blood!), but getting into Despatch was quite another matter!  I decided against risking my scooter but donned hiking boots and suitable waterproof garments and, armed with my trusty mountain trekking walking stick, set off for the wilds of Studgroom Cottage after parking the car on the main road.  The view from the window was absolutely beautiful – a true winter wonderland. 

Below are pictures of Studroom Cottage at its loveliest!

Cotton ball bush at Mansion Hill

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