Friday, 1 October 2010

My First Blog

Well this is a first! I have heard of blogs but never figured out how to do one. I am still terrified of the IPod Ian gave me last Christmas and as for twitter… My son Jack thinks it is hilarious and can’t figure out why I just want a mobile that is just a mobile, not a camera, computer or anything else.  However I am determined to move into the 21st century so here goes….

Wednesday was my first day as a second year student. It was great to see familiar faces, catch up on the summer and meet the newbies - sad to see the gaps left by the two who have deferred for a year. At first I was really excited at getting stuck into the new year but by the end of the evening it had really hit me how much work there was to do.  I left in a state of complete anxiety!! Could I pull it off and get through another year? It is a really intense course. Teaching is from 2pm – 9pm every Wednesday.  We also have a student counselling placement and have to complete 40 hours of personal counselling. However, our year group consists of just18 students who provide invaluable support. Calming down with a stiff G&T I was gently reminded of this fact and that there is no reason I couldn’t get through it if plenty of others before me had! So here I am now, surrounded by piles of papers determined that I am going to be organised by next week - oops is that another pig just flew past the window?

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