Sunday, 17 October 2010

Mastering my IPOD :)

Well, dear reader I have finally made it into the 21st century. I have discovered the joys of the IPOD.  He –who-understands-such-things presented me with this strange thing last Christmas feeling so proud that he had chosen it in one of my absolutely fave colours – orangey bronze. However, after a few attempts at trying to work it, despite his comprehensive tutorials, I’m afraid I put it in my too-hard box to give me time to build up the strength to try it again. I must say it is very different from my first record player that consisted of a varnished wooden box with a turntable moved by a little rubber wheel. When the music on my 45’s started playing too slowly I knew it  was time to lift off the turntable and clean the rubber wheel and the inside of the turntable with methylated spirits. I was then set for another few hours of happy listening at the right speed. It all seemed so easy then!

…but today was the day! I was determined. Fuelled by a cup of builders’ strength Yorkshire tea and a fist full of digestives, I took out the instructions and managed to find itunes on the web.  What a treasure chest of delights!  I am sitting here typing extra fast jiggling away to a US radio station - RAZR Country.  Billed as ‘Country Music with an “EDGE”!’, it’s fantastic – I’m hooked! Now all I have to figure out is how to put it onto the IPOD as for now I’m listening to it on the computer with my headphones on. I’ve got to figure out the next bit as the lead is just too short to go very far!

Anyway if you’ve got a nasty deadline and need to type at twice your normal speed stick on a bit of  RAZR!

What other news?  Saturday was Open day on all campuses. I was based on the Avery Hill Campus and after running around helping to put up signs and get out boxes of prospectuses (or should that be prospecti?) I was put in charge of refreshments.  I think I served 5-600 cups of tea, coffee and water every so often rushing off the Dome with handfuls of empty thermoses. Rhoda there was a treasure keeping everything stocked up and informed me we used up the entire supply of biscuits. – a first for an open day! It was great fun and it was lovely to see people who arrived all frazzled from long journeys, or hunched up from the cold wrapping their hands around a warming cuppa and unwinding. People had travelled from far and wide; I met people from Devon, Ireland, Derbyshire and Yorkshire. When I arrived home with sore feet I was greeted with the words ‘Come in, warm up and I’ll make you a nice cup of tea!’.  Reader – I swooned!

I am really enjoying college now that we have all settled in. There is such a different quality to the second year. Although I know the work is going to be much more intense, we have settled as a group, we know our way around the campus and the IT, and we are studying with greater depth.  I love the work at my counselling placement and am working with three clients and am soon to have my fourth. As a extra mature student on a part-time course doing all this extra work within the university gives me the opportunity to meet loads more people and with the added bonus of continually bumping into people I know from events, or from Clearing. It’s such fun- I would recommend it to anyone.

This next week is a bit quieter work wise so I’m looking forward to catching the Blockheads at Blackheath Halls on Friday night.  I am treating He–who-understands-such–things as I remembered him recounting the time he saw Ian Drury playing with them there at one of his last gigs before he died.  I think it will be quite poignant seeing the Blockheads playing without him - such a personality.

…hmm now I’ve written this blog in double quick time thanks to RAZR, I’ve got time to figure out how to get some blockheads onto my IPOD to get in the mood…..

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