Monday, 14 May 2012

The Simple Things in Life

I am sitting here on a Sunday afternoon feeling such a sense of achievement.  I had three pieces of work to complete before the end of the academic year, two due in this Tuesday and one the next.  The first was writing up the feedback from my case presentation last week while the other two were self assessment reflective pieces – my least favourite sort of writing! These are part of my clinical file which includes placement reports from supervisors and managers, feedback sheets from skills training in college and self reflection sheets.  Everything has to be done in duplicate and if I am not careful, I end up feeling like I am drowning in paperwork and overwhelmed by it all.
However I spread it all out across two rooms and sorted it into neat little piles and labelled each one.

It is now 4.15 pm and it is all done – all three written, one submitted electronically as per instructions, the others all ready to take in tomorrow, one day ahead of one deadline and eight days ahead of the other.  That is how I like to work but have rarely achieved it this year so I am really thrilled.  I also had on my list to write this blog but before I could start just had to do some clearing up first.  I tidied up my office, got out poor neglected Henry Hoover and just about blew him up with the amount of dust and rubbish he had to contend with.  I swear my rug has changed colour – I forgot how bright it is!

Whenever I complete a deadline I feel like this.  Before I can settle to anything new I need to do a clear out – as though  I am changing the energy of the room and preparing for the next task.  It has become a sort of lovely ritual for me and I am sure my little office is breathing a sigh of relief and saying “Whew I needed that!”  Now that I have finished this work I can focus on my final 8000 word project due in on October 1st.  I do not want it dragging on over the Summer so after I have a bit of a break this week I will begin to seriously plan it and let you know how well I do it.

Last weekend when I was feeling bogged down at the prospect of this work Him-at-Home and I went for a walk to Greenwich and back.  It takes an hour each way and we have a special route so I can look at all my favourite things.  About ten minutes away is Manor Park.  In the middle of the lake is a beautiful old spreading willow tree.  Up in the branches are several nests occupied by families of herons.  It is characteristic for herons to build nests in a group.  We call it a heronry – I don’t know what the herons call it!

Anyway, it is a local tourist attraction and we are always joined by others when we to stop to count the babies and watch them grooming each other and stretching their wings, strengthening them ready for flight.  Sometimes we catch the parents fishing in the lake or returning from raiding someone’s pond for fish to feed their youngsters.  At the last count we could only spot three babies. Then we wandered through to Black Heath via my favourite houses/gardens route (favourite stained glass route if it is at night!).  I am terrible for peering into people’s houses to see how they are decorated but I figure it is fair game if there are no net curtains. 

After wandering through Blackheath Village checking out my favourite shops (kitchen, stationery, chocolate, shoe, coffee) we get to Blackheath proper. Lots of things happen here – kite flying, circuses, fairs, parties, football and people just hanging out.  Last weekend was very exciting because we came across the rocket launches in position ready for the Olympics. 

Rocket launchers

The gun bits seemed to keep rotating as though they were following us and I wondered whether they knew something we didn’t.  Crossing the heath we wandered down to Greenwich past the free Fan Museum.  As I have never been to it, I wanted to drop in but thought it would be best to go without himself – who was so NOT interested!
The market in Greenwich was in full swing and wandering down to the river we got to peer in through the new glassy bit round the Cutty Sark to admire the amazing restoration work.  A bit further on we encountered another crowd all watching the aircraft carrier berthed in the river practising manoeuvres ready to deal with any probs at the Olympics.  It was ever so exciting – and really noisy - watching the helicopters take off from the deck and the fighters roaring past overhead.

Aircraft carrier
We wandered back through the market stopping for a perfect cup of coffee and truly scrumptious cake in a new coffee shop just off the main market square.  Refreshed and rejuvenated, we hiked up the hill to the observatory noting how poshed up the park is looking.  Up at the top we had splendid views of the stands being built in front of the Queens house ready for the Olympic equestrian events before we wandered back to Hither Green taking an alternative route to peer in different people’s windows and gardens.

This is one of my favourite things to do – just go for a long walk and find pleasure in simple things.  It costs nothing (except for the coffee and cake!) and is good for the soul!

Rocket launcher:

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