Thursday, 15 March 2012

Down to earth with a bump!


Well dear reader, I don’t know how Elizabeth Taylor managed to go through it 7 times – getting married is exhausting!  I am now walking around like a zombie trying to get back to normal. Yesterday I was back at work in the Enquiry Unit fortified with a double shot expresso from the Student Union shop - the best coffee on campus  - but it still took me until lunch time to wake up properly. We all had a treat afternoon tea though.  I still owed for my cake fine* so I brought in the leftover chocolate and hazlenut cake accompanied by Cornish clotted cream and cream fraiche. Jess, our boss, remarked that I have now raised the stakes for future cake fines! Today I am meant to be reading up on the narcissistic personality ready for college this afternoon.  The words are going into my head then flying straight back out again so I have given up.  Writing my blog is much more fun!

It feels a bit like the olden days when you took photos and then sent them off to the developers and waited anxiously for a week to collect them and see how they all turned out.  I have no pictures of Saturday, not even one of the dress.  I'm sure some of our guests will send us some and then I will put one up for you.

We had a lovely day once the ceremony was over.  That was completely nerve wracking although it lasted only about fifteen minutes.  It is one thing to whisper sweet nothings into your loved one’s ear in private but quite another to have to say extremely personal sounding vows in front of lots of people. We are not very good at being the centre of attention and were very relieved when it was all over.

Half an hour later we were back home where we were joined by a few other people and then had a wonderful afternoon and evening with great friends, lots of bubbly and delicious food. We had only invited twenty people so everyone had time to talk to everyone else and move around inside and outside. The weather was perfect and because it was a daytime event, we were sound asleep by 11.30pm – ideal for us early risers! Sunday was a lovely quiet and sunny day when we went for a walk in Greenwich Park where the great swathes of daffodils are beginning to bloom.

Now the house is filled with flowers in every room – even the loo!  I feel like a film star – what could be better? 

*If your mobile goes off in the Enquiry Unit you have to bring in cake for all the staff.  If you leave it too long it gets converted to a pizza fine!  My phone went off last week when I had forgotten to put it on silent.

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