Monday, 6 February 2012

A Magical Time!

With all the snow around from last weekend, we came in today through all the slush wondering about any timetabling issues.  The only course cancelled was the Witchcraft course run by the Humanities department.  A tweet went out to notify students and we had some interesting responses – enjoy ...we certainly did in the office!

 UniofGreenwich: Witchcraft at 9am in QA239 has been cancelled today..Otherwise all other classes are running fine!

Sarah_Cunnane 9:10am via Twitterrific
Oh ok. Wait, hang on, WHAT?! RT @UniofGreenwich Witchcraft at 9am in QA239 has been cancelled today.. (HT @smitajamdar)

mikecurryphotos 9:32am via Twitter for iPhone
@UniofGreenwich witchcraft cancelled? would have thought broomsticks would have been the one thing not affected by snow!

SurrealAnarchy 9:58am via Twitter for iPhone
“@UniofGreenwich: Witchcraft at 9am in QA239 has been called off today, all other classes are running fine!" The dark arts off due to snow!

SurrealAnarchy 10:00am via Twitter for iPhone
BA Hons in Witchcraft or is it a vocational course? @UniofGreenwich

SurrealAnarchy 10:03am via Twitter for iPhone
You would think that witches could just get on their brooms to get to UniofGreenwich or does that comes tee on in the course!?

SurrealAnarchy 10:04am via Twitter for iPhone
Perhaps you should look at making being able to fly a broom part of the entrance criteria?

Explanation tweet, sent later

UniofGreenwich: There have been some funny tweets about our witchcraft course being cancelled..Witchcraft in the Early Modern World is the exact title :)

bigsocietyis 10:33am via Web
@UniofGreenwich - Is the early modern world the same as the late old world ? Does witchcraft worry about time ?

andreasESC 11:54am via Twitter for iPhone
Are we collaborating with Hogwarts?

jillmcph 12:51pm via Web
@UniofGreenwich 9 am on Monday is always a curse-d slot!

calamityjane65 9:18am via Web
@UniofGreenwich if the witchcraft class works, surely you can expelliamus all hindrances?

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