Friday, 12 August 2011

Farewell to Team Uzma

This is our last day of working in our early Clearing teams.  The UCAS track is unavailable while being upgraded with A level results ready for A level day on Wednesday so we are having to tell everyone to call back on Monday to have any clearing applications considered.  I think it’s going to get verrry busy!!
On Monday we move into our new teams ready to be joined by all the newbies starting their first clearing.  I remember when I joined last year.  We finished our three days of training and came over  here to practise taking phone calls.  My phone rang, I picked it up and ...went blank!  I couldn’t believe it!  I was so nervous!  I had to put the caller on hold and tell my team leader that I had forgotten everything.  Luckily it was the impossible-to-fluster Spencer who calmly told me what to do and I was able to complete the call with bleeding to death, having a heart attack or anything else rather dramatic!
When we first came together as Team 3, with Uzma as our leader and pink as our colour (much to the chagrin of the boys!!) we just HAD to personalise our space.  Each of us chose a letter from our team name and made a poster.  Each is so different, expressing the individuality of the artist.
Dan who is studying games and multimedia chose a play on words for his very British cuppa T

Uzma, our very business orientated team leader chose a very neat but slightly quirky computer generated letter and then applied her delegation skills to have Rukon decorate it beautifully

Farhana our resident mathematician went all algebraic on us,after insisting she wasn’t creative!

Monique, studying tourism management showed her taste for the exotic with a very sparkly fairy

Remco, our Dutchman who has just finished his event management course and is about to start his PGCE LLS course has been accused of trying to get into Uzma’s good books with his tasteful rendition and flattering words!

This is my letter as you can see by all the glitz.  I’m not sure how this relates to my course choice but I love my sparkles!

Rukon ‘s M shows all the precision required for his chosen career in Accounting and Finance!

....while Dan remains the eternal rebel!

So good bye team to Team Uzma and hello to Team Laura!  Now we have to think up a suitably lilac theme.

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