Tuesday, 4 January 2011

New Years Eve 2010


This is my last blog for 2010 – my 17th .  I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and are enjoying the break.
My Christmas was lovely – lots of seeing friends and family, exchanging gifts and sharing wonderful food and drink. HWKATT gave me a vey useful pressie – a Sony Reader e- book thingy.  You may recall I have only just mastered his last Christmas’ present, my IPOD so I am determined I will get to and it is amazing.  I am looking forward to reading my jourmal extracts on it saving on printing ink and trees
We are still enjoying the peace and quiet of this time of the year when routines are thrown out of the window, there is such a lot of rubbish on TV, interspersed with the occasional gem, and I manage to read a few books that bear no relationship to my course whatsoever. 
We are now recovering from too much good food and wine, going for lovely long walks in the greyness of midwinter.
Although the calendar says it is the new year, to me this time after Christmas is one to still conserve energy, hunker down in the warmth with loved ones and good food.  When nature wakes up and shoots appear on the trees, to me that is the time to make new year resolutions, dust off my bicycle and spring clean the house from top to bottom around March time! Starting diets and punishing oneself at the gym when everyone either has nasty colds or is just recovering from them seems completely crazy!

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